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Artis party: Maribre Maureen has requested that his candidacy be withdrawn

Artis party: Maribre Maureen has requested that his candidacy be withdrawn

Marieper Maureen has asked to withdraw her controversial Gala Artis nomination, she announced Sunday evening on set Everyone talks about it, On Radio Canada.

“This afternoon [dimanche]I made the decision to withdraw my nomination because I’m simply tired of splitting up, “she said during her interview.

The announcement of his choice was heavily criticized by many public figures, such as Arnaud Soly, Rosalie Vaillancourt, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau or even Anne-Elisabeth Bossé.

“The important thing is to pay attention to the four distinguished actresses that I have been nominated to,” said Marieper Morin, who will compete in the Women’s Role category in a seasonal drama series. Error.

It is noteworthy that the presenter and actress received two nominations last year, which were withdrawn by the decision of the Gala Artes concert during the unveiling of the singer Safia Nolin.

A look back at revelation

Marieper Morin was invited to Radio Canada after an article was published in Journalism, Five people testified to report racist remarks, unwanted sexual contact, or physical assaults they had been personally exposed to.

“There is a great sense of shame in me. I am not proud to read this […] When I got there, the only thing I could do was realize that I, through my behavior, through my words, have offended people. “

In particular, she reverted to the circumstances of the events surrounding these allegations, admitting that she now considers herself “addicted to alcohol”.

“In the case of consumption, you have crossed the limits of the other, you have also crossed mine. At a certain point, you no longer know where it ends, the limit.”

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The actress has started returning to film sets in recent weeks, especially for the film’s sequels Error And the movie Arlit! Marylope Wolf.

“I should be able to regain some semblance of normality […] I was still conservative, then I think there are opportunities, and I wanted and then I think I need to work. “