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He died after refusing to be vaccinated

He died after refusing to be vaccinated

A woman in Drummondville who refused to receive the vaccine died from COVID-19 on Saturday. On her deathbed, she wanted to warn everyone who thinks like her and those who have condemned these measures.

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I warn you about this virus. Giselle Bowdoin, 70, wrote on her Facebook page, just 24 hours before she took her last breath, “I couldn’t imagine I would be so sick.

It took me five days and she really was martyred. “She was in pain everywhere and had difficulty breathing,” says her younger sister Monique Bowdoin, who had always considered her “her second mother” because of the large age gap between them.

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You have conspired

However, Gisele Baudouin has moved away from her family in recent months, and has gradually fallen into a conspiratorial spiral, according to her sister.

“She would wake up at 4 am to see all the videos of these people and send them to us on Facebook,” she says. At some point, I had to tell him to respect my opinion. “

Monique Baudouin does not believe that on the day of her sister’s death, tens of thousands of people stormed the streets of Montreal to demonstrate against the sanitary measures.

But according to her, the deceased could also have been one of them, as she was the one who refused the vaccine that would have undoubtedly saved her life.

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To respect her last desires, her husband will finally be impregnated soon.

“She said it was just flu, and there were no more deaths this year. She changed her mind at the hospital,” Bertrand Pepo, who has lost his partner for the past 49 years, laments the mother of her three children and the grandmother of her 10 grandchildren.

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the singer

Her loved ones will remember her as a dignified and energetic woman.

The countryside scene is also crying out for a beast that has sung all over Quebec for the past 20 years.

Without major health issues, the Septuagint will live its art to the end.

“It was a good living. Everyone loved him,” says her friend Barbara Barriere, director of Vibration Country magazine.

A member of the Evangelical Church, Giselle Baudouin was also a woman of convictions of unshakable faith. Her relatives called her impossible-to-think when she delved into conspiracy theories.

“I can tell him God was for the vaccine, and there was nothing he could do,” Monique Bowdoin said, a few hours after he had to resign to say one last goodbye to his sister with a FaceTime videoconferencing app.

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