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Bob Gratton is alive and well

Bob Gratton is alive and well

Forget the Guy LaFleur statue: it’s a statue that must be erected in honor of Bob Gratton!

And you press!

They have business!

Because Bob Graton is the idol of modern Quebecers, nay, his patron saint!

Fit, good man, good knead, kind, not fond of making waves, and above all, ambitious, open-minded, uncomplicated.

A salesperson welcomes me in English to work? I will speak English!

After all, it’s 2022, not 1972!

We must not close ourselves off to the rest of the world, on the contrary, we must open up!

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Unleash folklore and furry heads on me!

We are in the era of the Internet and metaviruses!

When Anie Rouleau launched her fragrance-free home and body products business in 2016, did you know what she called it?

Unscented company!

Yes sir !

What does it matter if the French language has always been associated with all things perfume, fashion and luxury!

What does it matter if Tokyo millionaires are so happy to put their mouths in holes to utter the words “Louis Vuitton”, “Hermes”, “Lancome” and “Cartier”!

And if millions of people around the world (from Shanghai to New Delhi, Vegas to Santiago) learned to say “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Jean Paul Gaultier”, “Christian Dior”, “Christian Louboutin” and “Givenchy” – without forgetting “Bordeaux” And ‘Bourgogne’, ‘Sanceri’ and ‘Pouille Fumi’!

We have adopted an international name!

We wouldn’t be left with a little local company like Le Cirque du Soleil, which refused to give its name in English, oh no!

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We will shine!

We are expanding!

We’re gonna make it !

The sky is the limit with The Unscented Company !

We can smell success everywhere, baby !

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Think larger!

If you can’t beat them, join them !

What’s the point of locking yourself up in your own little sandbox?

As Charlebois sang:

“I don’t sing creole anymore / I never sing creole again / The country is too young to make a living…”

Besides, that’s why we give our kids names that sound in English!

Until the world becomes their playground! Until the world becomes their oyster !

Remember the sermon of Michel Chartrand:

“The French Canadian gets up on the Dominion Textile sheets, goes to the sink, it’s Crane or American Brass, takes the soap, it’s Procter and Gamble or Lever Brothers, and goes to the table, it’s bread from Ogilvie Flour Mills, the cereal is General Foods, the milk is Borden, And the eggs are Canada Packers, and the sugar is Saint Lawrence Sugar, and he takes the doorknob from General Steel Wares and doesn’t close it so hard that he doesn’t break the Dominion’s glass…”

The famous syndicalist published this famous text in December 1969 in Photo Diary.

Denounce American imperialism.

Today, the “Americans” are no longer needed to colonize us, we do it ourselves!

We double the names of companies in English!



We learned the language from our master, and we are very happy to show him how far we have come!