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Apple signs deal with Broadcom to manufacture 5G components in US

Apple signs deal with Broadcom to manufacture 5G components in US

This afternoon promises to be hot on the side of Cupertino in announcements. In fact, on its website, Apple has officially announced a multi-billion dollar partnership with Broadcom for US-made components.

Components Made in the USA!

This is a multi-year contract Billions of dollars No one matches the American company with its reputation In advanced technology and manufacturing. It will focus on the development of advanced 5G radio frequency components and wireless connectivity.

But their product platform is attracting attention. In fact, FBAR filters (for Film bulk acoustic resonator) can be designed and constructed in many forms American manufacturing and technology centers Keys including Fort Collins in Colorado!

A bit of advertising?

For this occasion, Apple uses the opportunity to convey a political message, a reminder Make America Great Again ! Keep in mind that the tensions between the US and China are very clear and US companies are all working with Apple in mind to relocate their production sites.

We’re excited to make commitments that harness the ingenuity, creativity, and spirit of innovation of American manufacturing. Tim slips Cook between two people. so, Cupertino reportedly helped support more than 1,100 jobs at Broadcom’s Fort Collins manufacturing plant. And the partnership will allow Broadcom to influence a new dynamic.

Nationwide, Apple says it supports More than 2.7 million jobs through direct employment, developer jobs in the growing iOS app economy, and spending across dozens of sectors with more than 9,000 U.S. vendors and manufacturers of all sizes in all 50 states.