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Boris Johnson is again suspected of breaching control rules

Boris Johnson invited friends to a country house in Lockdown when he was prime minister. He admits the facts but denies any illegality.

A new part of “Particate”? British newspaper reports that Boris Johnson received many friends at a country house amid the Covid-19 pandemic while he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Times. The former leader of the government, already widely criticized for his parties in full lockdown in Downing Street, approves of his calls but believes they do not breach the health restrictions in place at the time.

Covid Management Survey

Information about these visits to Checkers Mansion, the holiday home of British Prime Ministers between June 2020 and May 2021, was sent to the police by government services. They were on Boris Johnson’s official agenda, which was reviewed as part of preparations for a public inquiry into the impact and handling of the pandemic in the UK.

They have been sent to a parliamentary committee investigating whether Boris Johnson lied to Parliament about his involvement in Downing Street parties, for which he has apologized.

“Some brief entries in Mr Johnson’s official diary were investigated by the Cabinet Office in preparation for the Covid inquiry,” a spokesman for the former prime minister told The Times.

“After reviewing the records, Mr. Johnson’s attorneys wrote [aux services gouvernementaux] and to the Commission [parlementaire] “To clarify that the events are legal and do not violate any regulations related to Covid,” he added.

“Potential Violations” of Prison Rules

The London Police announced in a press release that they were aware of these elements “which were brought to their attention on May 19, 2023” and that they were in the process of being “investigated”. “They relate to potential breaches of health care regulations in Downing Street from June 2020 to May 2021,” the report describes.

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Sources close to Boris Johnson interviewed Sky News It considers the transfer of information from the former prime minister’s official agenda to the police “clearly motivated by political considerations” and confirms that the government services did not alert him “so that he can present the facts before the report is established”.

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