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Another team wanted to hire Alex Tanguay

Another team wanted to hire Alex Tanguay

Alex Tanguay has been very happy since joining the Red Wings as an assistant coach.

In an interview with Jean-Charles Lagoy on Tuesday, the former Canadian player confirmed that he turned down an offer from another team on the Bateman Tour to end up in Detroit.

“I wanted to advance my career, I felt ready for the NHL. A friend of mine had already met Jeff Blachelle and took the first approach. The day Jeff called me, I got a call from another organization. In the same week, I received two offers from two different organizations. I was really impressed. With my conversations with Steve Laserman and Jeff. It’s an organization going in the right direction. They gave me a lot of responsibility and I was ready for that.”

Quebec also believes the future is promising for the Red Wings.

“Since Steve got to Detroit, he’s had a plan in mind. He wants to improve the team and make it grow, like he did in Tampa Bay. We have young players growing. We have a team coming up, and since the start of the year Jeff Blashel has done a great job. We’re a competitive team and we want Get as much momentum as possible to approach the qualifying gates.”

Tangway also commented on Tyler Bertozzi, who cannot play in Canada because he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

It’s not a distraction for us. We’ve known that since the beginning of the year. He’s a first line player for sure, so it hurts a bit, but everyone respects their decision. It’s a choice that some people have the right to make. We hope to play as many matches as possible with our team.”

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On a personal level, the Quebec coach and his family are very happy to be reunited in Detroit.

“My wife and kids made the choice to stay at home when I went to Iowa a few years ago. It was very difficult for me because I am a family man. My family always comes first. When you’re a player, you focus on most of your things, but it was a nice transition for me.” I have two boys who play hockey and I have a daughter too. It was a big step for everyone, but for children’s hockey I couldn’t ask for a better Detroit.”