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Canadian man gives up his rights to Jacob Olofson

Canadian man gives up his rights to Jacob Olofson

In every off-season, players leave an organization, and then others arrive. This is also true in terms of hopes. Some players are drafted by the team, while others become free agents or Available again for other organizations (re).

At midnight, Canadians will officially abandon one of their young aspirants: Jacob Olofson.

Who is Jacob Olofson?

When selected 56th place (second round) in 2018, Olofsson was a central player playing in the Swedish second division. He had just completed a season of 21 points in 43 games.

But it passed (relatively) quickly after that.

Olofsson played two seasons in the Swedish First Division (SweHL), during which he collected 9 points in 34 matches and 9 points in 24 matches.

Subsequently, he was demoted to the Swedish Second Division (2020-21), the league in which he still plays today. Note that it was in the center And the On the wing in recent years, on Six bottom And the on me the top six from a squad Suddenly he is no longer a major customer.

I had the chance to see Olofsson playing for Broussard in 2018, after being selected, and I found him Right, without an increase. He was not spared from injuries and has not developed as he had hoped since then. We can understand the desire of the new administration to sever ties with this administration.

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Note thatOlofsson no longer has any reference to the Canadian on his Instagram page.

Olofsson will become an unrestricted free agent on July 13th. I think Olofsson will never come to North America and he will play all his career in Europe. Maybe in Sweden…

Remember that Brett Stapley (2018 7th round pick) should become an unrestricted free agent on August 15th, ho. The Canadian will not intend to submit an entry contract to him at that time. Stapley is exiting his fourth season at the University of Denver.

All other prospects in the organization who have not yet signed a contract with the organization will remain the property of the organization in 2022-23.

A good final day as CH hopes, Jacob!

Many of

– Joshua Roy (ATO) will already be joining the rocket in the coming hours. It remains to be seen if he will play matches or if he will just train and live the pro experience (like Riley Kidney).

– Ondrej Palat can leave the lightning during the summer.


Will David Craigie return to Boston next season?

Junior Hendrix Lapierre completed.

– Many Wild players will have to go under the knife.

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– Not much leftOld in the NHL.