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Anne Elizabeth Boss is happy in her new home

Anne Elizabeth Boss is happy in her new home

These days the actress resumes filming the daily newspaper Indéfendable, in which she plays the lawyer Marie-Anne Desjardins. The actress, always in demand, also talks with us about her new apartment, which she just moved into, for better…and for worse!

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Anne Elizabeth, how are you?
I’m fine! My colleagues and I are in a marathon filming the second season of Indefensible. We’ve been at it since April, so we’re ahead of the stream and I love that. Otherwise, you’d move in during the month of March.

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Did you leave your house?
Yes! Here I am in a nice apartment I’ve been living in since this spring. I’m glad, because I had time to finish the makeup and decoration before I started shooting. I really took advantage of the break to settle my real estate files and to settle down.

Is this your first apartment on your own?
I had a duplex with my brother, but living in an apartment is a first for me. I got help from a designer to decorate well. It’s like a loft in my house; There is no wall or partition. I thought it was cool to see the whole space wherever I am in my residence, but I realized that was a huge mistake: Let’s say I’m sitting watching a movie on my couch, well, I can see the dishes nearby. Kitchen or bills piling up on my desk! I see all of my stuff lying around all the time, which isn’t always practical after all! (He laughs)

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What can be said about the second season of the series It is indefensible?
It’s hard for me to say anything, considering my character curve really rests on the punchline of the first season finale. We don’t know what happened to the character of Maxime (her lover in the series, played by Mathieu Baron), so I can’t say anything without revealing a punch…

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Are you also back from vacation?
Yes! I went to spend a few days in the sun, in Miami, and went there in good company. It was very relaxing and fun, all before resuming the final attack on the radio, which just ended.

What are your other plans for this summer, besides Indefensible?
This summer I am a Bonsoir bonsoir contributor! I’m also going to shoot Phil et Miserable by Jean-François Leblanc. It is a feature film based on a comic story by Samuel Kanteen. I’m so happy to do this, because I love this cartoonist’s world! I was so glad I got to play a role in this movie. I’ll Play Nothing but a Devil, all with Fabien Cloutier, Pierre Luc Funk, Alexis Martin and Chantal Fontaine. It’s really exciting. It brings me back to my old love of more piecemeal projects.

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It is indefensiblethis fall, on TVA.
Anne Elizabeth will star in the musical
Sisters in lawscheduled for July 2024.

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