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Matt Martin announces good news about Les beaux malaises

Matt Martin announces good news about Les beaux malaises

Knowing how much his fans care about him Fine inconveniencesMartin Matt has good news to announce to them on Wednesday.

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With the humor we know, Martin explained that he’s “constantly” asked if he has news to announce to his fans, and it turned out to be the case this Wednesday.

In fact, the comedian, who will lead a new talk show this fall, took to his social networks where he posted a video of himself where he had good news to reveal to those who follow his projects, most notably his series. Fine inconveniences.

Starting today, July 5, the first three seasons of the popular comedy will be available on the platform Prime VideolAmazon.

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Remember that in April 2021, after the resounding success of version 2.0 of Nice annoyancesMatt Martin has stated that he hasn’t quite closed the door on another season.

“But not right away, not next year, but definitely. Fine Inconveniences 2.0I wasn’t supposed to write it, and I wrote it, so it probably will happen,” he had hinted to the creator of the series.

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Until we find characters Martin, Julie, Florence, Leo And everyone else into the new stories we can at least go back to listening to the first seasons, now, on Prime Video!

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