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We are all hypocrites |  Montreal Journal

We are all hypocrites | Montreal Journal

Do you know why young people should read the classics?

Because, contrary to what many people think, the classics are not dusty works of the ‘good old days’.

These works illustrate realities that transcend time and allow us to understand the world in which we live.

both sides of the mouth

Takes Dom Juan.

Molière wrote this piece in 1665. Yet, 358 years later, this piece remains just as important as when it was created.

One of his characters says, “Hypocrisy is a modern vice, and all modern vices are virtues.”

Looks like this line was written yesterday!

Look around you…

If there is a vice in vogue in our time, it is hypocrisy!

The world is full of people who talk with both sides of their mouths!

Who says something and does the opposite!

The government says that it is necessary to prefer local purchase.. but it gives contracts to foreign companies!

Radio Canada never ceases to extol the virtues of diversity… but they produce programs where everyone thinks alike and where there is no diversity of opinion!

He gets up and climbs the curtains when kids dress up as Japanese or Mexican for Halloween… but finds it weird when men dress up as women!

The government punishes taxpayers who don’t pay their fair share of taxes… while the Quebec Trust and Depositary Fund hides billions of dollars in tax havens!

Anti-racists condemn apartheid…but they organize black-only activities!

The Solidarity Fund says its primary mission is to help the Quebec economy… but it is investing more and more in companies established outside of Quebec!

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do what i say…

Our cultural organizations say that freedom of expression is a basic value of society…but they force artists to respect all kinds of conditions if they want to get their grants, thus muzzling freedom of expression!

The Guardians of Culture claim that the role of the artist is to stand up to the audience, to the herd… but they panic as soon as three anonymous Zuzu criticize them on Instagram!

Billionaire banks drape themselves in virtue by supporting modern causes… while practicing tax evasion, depriving our governments of billions of dollars in revenue, billions that could be invested in education, health, pollution control and poverty!

The enemies of Bill 21 believe that this law is racist, because it “prevents” certain teachers from expressing their beliefs… but it fails once the politician puts his Catholic values ​​first!

Long live Moliere!

What do you want it’s time…

The more he pretends to be virtuous, the more he has to hide vices and show hypocrisy!

As Moliere says: The hatred: “There must be docile virtue in the world / Thanks to wisdom, one can be blamed / A perfect mind escapes all extremes / And wants us to be wise with sobriety.”