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Determined visit: Marc Labreche’s crazy look in this new series

Determined visit: Marc Labreche’s crazy look in this new series

This Tuesday, July 4th, the media was invited to visit the filming location of the new series Ins and Outswhich will be available this fall on Crave.

Sonia Cordo, Virginie Fortin, Marc LabrecchiAnd Edith Cochran, Steve Laplante, Alice Pascual, Catherine Levac, Isabelle Vincent, Linda Malou, Etienne Le, and many other actors come together in this new comedy.

Many of these artists were present on site during our visit, with less determined looks. Marc Labrèche’s hairstyle never fails to grab our attention, as he was the one who wasn’t afraid to change himself up to make people laugh.

See our photos in the gallery below.

Ins and Outs Sophie (Sonja Cordo) and Vicki (Virginie Fortin), two women in their early thirties who live in the same circle of friends. They do not like each other and have nothing in common, except for their date of birth. This year, for their birthday, they receive the same gift from their friends: a certificate for a few days of yoga deep in the woods. It’s a disaster for both of them, especially since they have to share the same cabin and have trouble getting along with each other. This is definitely not some Schwasnas Who will collect them…

Their forced recovery takes a surprising turn when the dead body of one of the participants is found in the woods. Forced to stay put during a police investigation they deem bogus, Sophie and Vicky will have to join forces to identify the killer and save themselves. They might end up liking each other…

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Ins and Outs It is an original idea designed by Sonia Cordeau in collaboration with Jean-François Chagnon and Katherine Levac.

Consisting of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each, this novelty is the product of a screenplay by Sonia Cordeau, production by Jean-François Chagnon and script editing by Frédéric Ouellet.