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Android TV 14 will allow you to answer your calls on the big screen

Android TV 14 will allow you to answer your calls on the big screen

An interesting feature was discovered in the latest Android TV 14 beta. The operating system should already allow you to make calls directly from your TV, without having to switch to your smartphone. A new way to strengthen the links between the two devices.

Credits: Google

Have you ever dreamed of receiving your calls directly on your TV? Admittedly, chances are the idea never crossed your mind. But this is clearly not the case for developers at Google. In fact, it seems that the next big update of Android TV will bring this functionality to users, according to the findings of journalist Mishaal Rahman.

In fact, when it’s not busy adding custom profiles to its TV OS, the Mountain View company is actively working on Android TV 14, which is currently in beta. This allows curious little ones to discover what new features Google has in store for us, including, you’ll get, the feature that lets you make calls from your TV.

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Make calls with Android TV, and why not?

“Call notifications only appear when you are in your personal user profile on this TV. You can adjust this setting in other profiles, so that you also receive calls when these modes are active », specifies the job that Mishaal Rahman sees. We imagine that it will display notifications directly on the screen and that it will take advantage of the microphone built into the TV, already useful for voice commands, and therefore it will not be necessary to take out your smartphone.

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As our colleagues from Android Authority noted, Android TV 14 won’t be the only one offering on-TV casting, since Apple is working on a similar feature that should be available in tvOS 17. No doubt, the future is on the way. In addition, Android TV 14 already introduces several other new features such as HDR mode controls, power management features, and even noticeable improvements on the audio side. Release planned for the next few weeks.