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These 75 Xbox Series X Porsche consoles are not for sale |  Xbox One

These 75 Xbox Series X Porsche consoles are not for sale | Xbox One

The Summer Games Festival almost had us believing a new Forza Motorsport would finally make an appearance, but it was finally an announcement of collector’s editions of Xbox Series X games.

Only 75 Xbox Series X Porsche consoles worldwide

In celebration of Porsche’s 75th anniversary, Xbox has partnered with the stowing horse brand (yes, those too). Present a very colorful console video, but if you’re looking for an Xbox Series X, know that it’s not possible.

Throughout the ad, the video follows some of Porsche’s legendary races throughout its long history. But no one will be able to buy any of these units as it is just a contest reserved for people who reside in the US, UK or Germany.

If you live in France, Canada, Switzerland or Belgium, you can thus forget. Otherwise, you can go to Contest site To enter your details.

Six consoles are up for grabs, so there’s 69 left to go…we don’t yet know what or who.

For 75 years, Porsche has been driven by the relentless pursuit of its dreams. To celebrate this endeavor, Xbox 75 has created limited edition Xbox Series X consoles and consoles, featuring custom designs inspired by the greatest racing colors from Porsche’s 75-year history.

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