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WhatsApp will let you choose who sees the time of your last contact

WhatsApp will let you choose who sees the time of your last contact

WhatsApp is currently testing a new privacy setting in order to more accurately choose who can see the time of your last connection.

Self-destructing message on WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp conversation // Source: WhatsApp

The WhatsApp He wants to give users more control. Who did not open a conversation about the celebrity Messaging app To check when someone last logged in? In the future, it will be possible to add more nuances to this data to avoid existence stalking by some people.

My contacts except…

In the privacy settings, WhatsApp provides 4 options to adjust the level of privacy shared by the app to some extent: “seen in“Indicating the time of the last connection at the top of each conversation,”personal picture“,”News” And “conditionThe first three parameters suggest allowing three groups to access this information:everybody“,”My contacts” where “AnyoneHowever, the latter is thinner because it offers three other possibilities:My contacts“,”My contacts except…” And “Share only with…As you can see, here you can choose the people you want or don’t want to share your status with.

This fine tuning may slightly affect the sharing of the last connection time. WABetaInfo discovered in the WhatsApp code a new setting option in the menu “seen in«:«My contacts except…».

“My contacts except…” in the “Seen” list in WhatsApp // Source: WABetaInfo

Note that those who decide to hide the last connection time from some of their contacts will not be able to see their contacts in return. give and take.

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Feature coming soon?

At the moment, this functionality has been activated by WABetaInfo by modifying the application code and is therefore not yet available, not even for beta users. So we will have to wait a while to choose who can see the time of our last contact on WhatsApp, but we imagine the function is near its end if it appears here.