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If we loved each other and our occupation was dual  Your love is so heavy!

If we loved each other and our occupation was dual Your love is so heavy!

“You are everything I could hope for!”

In urban poetry à la Jerry Bullet, but in Franglais, the beautiful Lara, a 27-year-old fashion actress, declares her unconditional love for the smiling (toothed) carpenter Vincent, 26.

Lara and Vincent make a close-knit and loving coupleAndalusia for double occupancy, Stuck on a couch, stacked on top of each other in a small chair, separated only by production orders, each bored in his own home!

to If we loved each otherTeacher Marie-José, 48, and her carpenter Julian, 44, have not given up on each other for a moment since they fell in love at first sight in a suburban bar. Ahhh, you’re beautiful, you’re hot, you’re fine! Their children already introduce themselves, after a few weeks of dating, as half-brothers and half-sisters. It’s a quick process, let’s put it politely.

to Love is in the meadow, the quick formation of merging couples automatically elicits positive reactions among viewers. To organizational development and If we loved each otherthe edgier couple of the fall doesn’t arouse the same enthusiasm from the audience, but not at all.

We find them heavy, we judge the speed with which they found each other, and we feel uncomfortable in the face of so much affection expressed in such a short time, when we should rejoice in the fact that these two reality shows are finally serving their purpose first, bringing together those who love Each other, uh, in the words of Edith Piaf.

Organizational development and If we loved each other We have been so fed by discomfort and arguments that this cooing and honeyed shadow destabilizes us, it is clear. Also, people who devour themselves with their eyes and who look at absolutely everything through rose-colored glasses are not good for frivolous or mordant television viewing.

The photo is taken from the @LARA Instagram account. OD_OFFICIAL

Vincent and Lara, the OD couple

Couple Lara and Vincent, who describe themselves as the “cheekiest” couple in all of the ODs “, We won’t contradict them, even getting on the nerves of his roommates, especially Antoine, the 31-year-old restaurant owner. “Big, what a win OD, you have to be more groveling, like? This could be a movie Diaries “, grumbled Antoine who, unlike Lara and Vincent, is not the type to ‘make flavored popsicles and pound thighs for two hours.’ Well said.

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The flirting and other small touches between Lara and Vincent irritate Antoine, who is the voice of the people in this debate about physical love. “I can’t see myself taking a flower and putting perfume on it, I wouldn’t be serious,” Antoine insisted between two endless sessions of feeling rushed.

But, what do you expect? Blonde and tanned Lara describes herself as a “bold girl” and her intuition tells her that “it’s okay and that’s what’s important”, okay?

The worst part is hearing Vincent complain about the “frustrations” he is experiencing, after breaking up with his Boybriand lover. He finds time long and complains. Poor dear. Imagine how difficult it would be to live in a wonderful villa in Andalusia with his friends while it was snowing in Quebec? Cry river, Vincent.

to If we loved each otherI dare not think about the outcome if Julien had opened his emotional machine to the max, ignoring therapist Louise Seguin’s calls for calm and slowness. Quebec reality TV wasn’t ready for any more hugs (ding, ding!) and fat-rolling eyes.

Image taken from Facebook page If we love each other

Marie-José and Julian, V If we loved each other

Back at OD, Matteo Basta, 24, almost said “I love you” to his girlfriend Rebecca, a 26-year-old social worker. “It came to my mind,” Matteo B told the camera. A pass on the board, hopefully.

When host Fred Robichaud advised the boys to “pretend every party is their last,” Jeremy, a 28-year-old real estate businessman, seemed to open up for half a second. “Isn’t that a Cornell song?” he answered immediately, before the old classic Jeremy came back.

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Jeremy who notices that the popcorn “boomed” with Lawrence and Jeremy who asks “what does my fetus mean” when Dr. Sami describes to him the state of his budding relationship with Nurse Celine.

When talking about Celine and Sami, the most perceptive must have noticed that the manager of the “crazy” luxury hotel in which these two candidates slept in Morocco is Abdel Rahim Zaki, the father of the singer Camelia Zaki, one of the last generations of art. star Academyin 2022.

Another OD highlight: Singles talk like Quebec hockey players who spent a lot of time on minor league teams in Syracuse or Hershey.

Like Antoine: “Lara is definitely the only girl from the other side that I would go for,” he muttered in a new language that only Martin St. Louis of the Montreal Canadiens could understand.

It’s also time to put the lid on the fake off-camera flirtation between Rebecca and Anthony.

Unlike the journey of Sylvain and Frederic V If we loved each otherThis straw fire will not turn into a campfire if you blow on it repeatedly.