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Lhasa de Sila |  POP Montreal tribute show and new album

Lhasa de Sila | POP Montreal tribute show and new album

Several artists, including Feist, Klô Pelgag, The Barr Brothers and Helena Deland, will take part in a major tribute to Lhasa de Sela in the fall, as part of POP Montréal. The festival will also welcome Calexico, Iris DeMent, Kroy and Erika Angell, among others, from September 25-29.

In collaboration with the family of Sela Lassa, a tribute will be paid to the great singer-songwriter, who died almost 15 years ago. The presentation is titled The road sings, will welcome on stage the members of the artist's last two groups, with performances by Fest, Calexico, Juana Molina, Silvana Estrada, Chloe Belgage, Myriam Gendron, Baby Club, Helena Delande, La Force, the Bar Brothers, Laurence Anne and Yves. Desrosiers, Samantha de la Vega and the Stone Bonnet Choir, under the musical direction of Joe Grass.

The announcement of this tribute show coincides with news of the release of a new album by Lhasa de Sila, recorded as a duet with Yves Derosier in 1994. It is scheduled to be held in September. First recordings It consists of 12 traditional songs performed by the singer-songwriter, accompanied by Desrosier on guitar. The first extract from the disk, el cucciro, It will be revealed on June 5.

Photo by André Pichet, Press Archive

Feist will participate in the festival.

This year's POP Montreal programming, as always, features well-known names and others representing the city's thriving independent scene.

As for international guests, Montreal Pop will welcome Iris DeMint, a well-known folk gospel singer from the indie scene, Manny Fresh, a legendary rapper from New Orleans, and Beverly Glenn Copeland, an equally famous new age folk artist. Also expected are American group Calexico, which deals with Americana as much as mariachi; Edith Nylon, a French new wave band, as well as experienced folk singer Juana Molina, will arrive from Argentina.

Photo by François Roy, Press Archive

Calexico performance in 2010

DJ Nu-Mark, from the group Jurassic 5, will arrive from Los Angeles for a show. We will have the right to indulge in tones of sound Jarocho (specific to the country music of eastern Mexico), mixed with jazz and folk, thanks to the young Mexican woman Silvana Estrada. Mimi Obunsawin, who creates in English, French or the Abenaki language, will attend, as will Canadian-American Claire Rosay, who will present her pop music by drawing on recordings of everyday life.

In addition to participating in the Lhasa de Sila show, the Parr brothers will perform with guests. Also from the Montreal scene, The Dears will return to their 2003 album No cities leftWhich will be fully showcased for another show with nostalgic accents, the all-star cast will provide content Set yourself on fire, published 20 years ago. Kroy and Fernie are still on the local scene, and will be performing at home.

The rest of POP Montreal's programming will be revealed in the coming months.

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