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A young man was expelled from school for his mullet haircut

In Australia, a teenager was kicked out of school for a month because of a mullet haircut that was deemed “inappropriate”.

Popular in the 1970s, the mullet cut is characterized by hair that is long at the back of the neck but short on top. It is one of those past fashions that today evokes sarcasm and derision. Lately, it has even taken the form of an exemption. Incident at Kalgoorlie Miner Company, Australia From Kalgoorlie (South West).

Australian student banned for one month for mullet haircut

In late August, the John Paul College administration withdrew A student On the basis that the latter carried a donkey with a shaved head. A cut was ruled “irrelevant” and is contrary to the prevailing norms of university uniforms, and may further elaborate what is expected in terms of personal appearance. The young man was unable to return to school until a few days ago, after a month.

The mental health of teenagers is said to have deteriorated

Hairdresser The boy’s personal health said he had noticed a deterioration in his mental health since his estrangement. For Alana Budd, the answer doesn’t necessarily lie in a change in school policy, but in equity for every student: “I think everyone should be open to the values ​​and beliefs of every culture, and the school should come together and not discriminate against a certain haircut or a person with a certain haircut, but be clear about what a mullet should look like. Rather than labeling it as a cut.” .

“Sense of Unity” is the school policy

Along with our Australian colleagues, Keith Nicholls, the foundation’s executive director, announced that his policy called for “fostering a sense of unity and belonging in the university community”.

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