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10 Things You Shouldn't Do in England

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in England

You thought crossing the English Channel would be easy. However, you have been making mistakes since you arrived. presents 10 things not to do in England. Please note, this “don’t” list is not exhaustive!

Confusing England with the rest of England

England is not the United Kingdom, Holland is not the Netherlands. England is only a part of the British nation. When you talk about English, you ignore Scots, Northern Irish or Welsh. So it’s better to use the terms “Great-Britain” or “United Kingdom” when you talk about the country, not “British” and “English” to your interlocutors. Do you know about it? Each of the British nations has its flower ?

Driving on the left in England

Forget that cars drive on the left

First point, it’s a matter of survival: cars drive on the left in England. By force of habit, we can quickly forget this important little detail. So look carefully when crossing and above all control your directions before taking the wheel (on the right side)!


Stand on the wrong side of the escalator

The same rule applies to walking. The British go up and down the escalators from the left side. So it is necessary to close the right to allow others to pass. If you don’t want to disturb the British cold, stay on the safe side.

Politeness in England

Don’t abuse polite expressions

The French are generally polite (yes, yes, we promise you!) but from this point of view, the English beat us hands down. A conversation should necessarily end with “thank you”, “hello” or “please”. “Sorry” is necessary and must be repeated until repentance.

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Make fun of the royal family

King Charles III may have big ears, but that’s not to disrespect him. Although the British royal family has been subject to its share of scandals, the British are deeply attached to the monarchy. Watch the hours spent by 250,000 people queuing to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II. God save the king!


Double in line

Another courtesy that should not be forgotten: take your place in several rows. If there has been a slight change in Covid-19 behaviour, the British are queuing everywhere: for their pint, coffee or before entering the Metro. So don’t choose chaos and don’t try to win some places by any maneuver. Be kind and wait in line!

You must be in England on time

Arriving late

His Majesty’s subjects act very punctually, unlike the French. A quarter of an hour late is not acceptable here. The same is true in professional life. It is important to be on time for meetings, respect deadlines and above all be considerate of other people’s schedules.

Distances in London

Underestimating distance in London

The city of London is huge. While Paris reaches 105 km2 in its intramural version, London has 1572 km2. So it is important not to underestimate the distances and above all to calculate your transport journeys because the distance between two metro stations is calculated in several kilometers. So use public transport (even at night) or bring good walking shoes.

British Gastronomy
Are you more pudgy or spotted tick tick?

To speak ill of British gastronomy

Perhaps the words “foodie” and “British” don’t seem to go together. Still, fish and chips, Sunday roast, shepherd’s pies, scones and spot digs will keep you entertained! Then London is one of the international capitals of gastronomy for its restaurants with many international influences. You will surely enjoy your best tikka masala or delicious homemade donuts, not forgetting the hoppy desserts of the best international beers!

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Ignoring pub culture

If you’re looking for a Brit in the evening, it’s definitely a pub. Like the aperitif for the French, going to the pub is essential for making friends and building solidarity with your colleagues. In England, the rule is simple: everyone has their own round! On the other hand, be careful, pints can be treacherous and it’s better to slip away before regretting your behavior. Don’t worry, everyone will act like nothing happened when they return to the office the next day.

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