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Windows displays deceptive ads in the Start menu.

Windows displays deceptive ads in the Start menu.

Posted on May 9, 2024

Vincent Paquette

With the Windows 11 update, Microsoft has started implementing ads in the Start menu. These ads are subtle and mixed in with recommendations. So, we think we can use an app to realize that it's an ad. We explain how to remove and deactivate all these ads.

Microsoft publishes hidden ads on Windows 11. – with Dall-E

We can't repeat this enough, it's essential to update our devices.

Updates allow you to download security patches to plug potential vulnerabilities.

But updates can also bring a lot of new features.

Some are fun and practical. Others can be downright tired…

Ads disguised as recommendations

During April 2024, Microsoft published an update for Windows 11 called this update: KB5036980.

In the new features of this update we can read:

new ! The Recommended section of the Start menu displays some apps from the Microsoft Store. These apps come from a small group of selected developers. This will help you discover some of the great apps available.

Unless we install this update (or another, more recent update), we find ourselves seeing apps in the start menu.

The problem is that these are not necessarily applications that we have on our computer.

For example, we could have an Adobe Photoshop ad that will appear as if we had the program on our computer.

Example of app recommendations from the Microsoft Store
From the Windows 11 Start menu, you can get recommendations for apps you don't have. – Microsoft.

However, if we click on it, we will be redirected to the Microsoft Store to get it.

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So, one can get a little confused between the legitimate apps they have or the app advertisements.

How to remove and block ads on Windows 11?

Fortunately, Microsoft provides the ability to deactivate these famous “recommendations.”

So, to remove ads from the Start menu on Windows 11, you must:

  1. Click on the menu: To start
  2. Open them Settings
  3. Go to tab: Personalization
  4. Select option: To start
  5. Uncheck the option: View recommendations for new tips, shortcuts, apps, and more.
Disable recommendations in Windows 11 Start menu
Here's how to disable ads disguised as recommendations on Windows 11 –

Once the option is deactivated, we will not see recommendations with applications that we do not own.