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A new space for contemporary art in Tangiers

cBuilt since the seventeenth century, this prison forms one of the main components of the Kasbah, and until the beginning of the seventies it operated as a civil prison. With a budget of 13 million dirhams, this structure has been rehabilitated and redeveloped to provide the already existing Kasbah Museum with another nearby museum, making it possible on the one hand to revitalize this archaeological and historical museum, and on the other, “to make the space of despair (prison) a place of hope”, according to the head of National Front, Mehdi Qotbi.

I gave 70 works to see

The opening of this new museum was marked by the inauguration of the interdisciplinary exhibition “School of the North”. Although it tends to pay homage to the artists of yesteryear and today from the North School, particularly the artists of Tetouan and Tangiers, it offers a re-reading of the history of modern and contemporary art in this fertile and diverse region; It is considered the stronghold of artistic creativity in Morocco, which is still the center of artistic renewal in the plastic and visual arts.

“School of the North” It collects all – or nearly all – artistic insights and ideas that stem from said area. This exhibition presents a re-reading of its artistic peculiarities, through the works of Muhammad al-Sarghini, Muhammad Atallah, Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Muhammad Shebaa, Saad bin Shafaj, Makki Mughra, Muhammad al-Malihi, Abd al-Karim al-Wazzani, and others, from the holdings of the National Museum of Art and loans. Either from the Royal Moroccan Academy or the Ministry of Culture.

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