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A model student loses her scholarship because of “twerking”

A model student loses her scholarship because of “twerking”

A modeling student from Louisiana was severely punished for being photographed dancing at a private party, according to local media reports Unfiltered with Kieran.

Kaylee Timonette, a 17-year-old girl who attends Walker High School, has all the makings of an ideal student. Her academic average is close to 100%, and she is the president of the student union and Beta Club at her school. In addition, she tutors struggling students and has also been rewarded for her volunteer work.

Unfiltered with Kieran

On September 30, Kylie was having a good time with several other guys her age at a private party at Livingtson Parish Country Club. His mother, as well as several other adults, were present.

The DJ who was there filmed some moments of the concert and then shared them on social networks.

However, one of these videos, in which the teenager can be seen doing a “twerk”, was seen by the school principal, Jason St-Pierre, who then decided to severely punish the little girl because she had danced in a “shameful” way. .

The following Tuesday, the principal met with Kaylee in his office where he berated her, forced her to watch the video, and told her he was withdrawing her approval for the scholarship.

Unfiltered with Kieran

The student is scheduled to enter college in January, and each year, her high school awards scholarships to two students. Kylie Timonet, who was in the process of receiving this scholarship, saw that this honor was denied to her.

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“He told me I should be ashamed of myself, and that he was worried about my future if I didn’t follow God’s ideals. “I felt like my life was over,” the teen said.

Kylie’s mother, Rachel Timonet, later met with the principal to tell him she found the punishment unfair. She particularly noted that other students were filmed dancing, and none of them were punished.

Rachel Timonet also criticized the principal for questioning her daughter’s religious faith.

“It is a public school, not a private school. He has no right to talk about religion with my daughter,” the mother says angrily.

Unfiltered with Kieran

Students at the school quickly showed their solidarity with Kylie, including selling T-shirts reading “Let the girl dance” or “I support Kylie Timonet.”

Even the DJ who filmed the teen’s famous “twerk” song finds it difficult to explain how such a vulgar gesture led to such consequences.

“I’ve been a DJ for over 10 years. There was nothing wrong with the way these kids danced. I’ve seen much worse. These kids were just having fun,” DJ Savage said.