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A meteor shower appears in the sky until next Tuesday!  |  News

A meteor shower appears in the sky until next Tuesday! | News

For the next few days we will have to roll our eyes during our sweet evenings. From Thursday, April 21 until Tuesday, April 26, the sky will be dominated by showers of stars. A unique event in astronomy, we can’t wait to enjoy the show!

The barrage of falling stars that happens every year. Lyrids are meteors that pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. It must be said that this April is full of emotions in the sky. After the super pink moon, place on the meteors. If clouds are likely to spoil our view this weekend, good weather will be with us on Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22. Moreover, Friday evening will be the peak of activity. About one star can be seen every four minutes in the sky. A little extra? The approach of the new moon will leave us with low-light skies, perfect for stargazing.

If you missed this event, do not panic, the August meteor showers will return, as usual, with the Perseids and a hundred falling stars per hour. It is always the most beautiful natural sight to see in summer!

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