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63% of the world’s population is online now, according to the We Are Social and Digital Hootsuite 2022 report

A total of 5 billion people, or 63% of the world’s population, are now connected to the Internet, according to the Quarterly Update of the 2022 Digital Report from We Are Social and Hootsuite. This corresponds to an increase of +4% compared to the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, 5.32 billion people in the world today use a mobile phone (67% of the world’s population), an increase of + 1.8% compared to the beginning of 2021. In terms of social media, the number of social media users is 465 billion people. Worldwide (58.7% of the world’s population), an increase of +10.1% compared to early 2021.

The report also goes back to the use of social networks. Hence, 7 out of 10 Facebook users claim that they use the platform to connect with their friends and family. 77% of TikTok users use it to find funny and interesting content. 70% of Instagram users say they post photos and videos on the platform and 37.9% of Pinterest users say they use it to follow or search for brands.

Finally, note that the average Internet user spends more than 48 hours on the Internet every week.
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