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Elyon - Elyon's Soulbringer will be released on September 7 in the West

Elyon – Elyon’s Soulbringer will be released on September 7 in the West

After Paladin last May, Soulbringer will land on Elyon West servers on September 7. This new class possesses two blades, one demonic and one vengeful, instilling fear in the enemy.

whether Eleon It is clear that it is struggling to retain its players, MMORPGs However it is always updated more or less regularly. After adding Paladin at the end of May, Soulbringer completed the Elyon Playable Class Show: after it was published to South Korean servers on July 7, it will land on Western servers on September 7.

For the record, Soulbringer specializes in handling two blades at once. Soulgringers derive their power primarily from the spirit of the dual blades they use, one demonic and the other inhabited by a vengeful spirit. Thanks to this magic, they can launch devastating attacks at high speed, but also instill fear in their opponents.

While waiting for the new class to launch in the West, the Soulbringer video has been revealed. For registration, Elyon is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from Official Website.

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