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A former minister publishes a book condemning Boris Johnson’s “political assassination”.

A former minister publishes a book condemning Boris Johnson’s “political assassination”.

“Conspiracy: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson,” by the former culture minister, comes out on Thursday. Nadine Dorries explains that she spent months investigating and interviewing more than fifty people at the center of power. A rehabilitation effort with a plot outline.


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Former culture minister Nadine Dorries, in London, September 6, 2022. (STUART BROCK / EPA)

“A nation can survive its fools and even its ambitions. But it cannot escape betrayal from within.” A few words from Cicero to start the video worthy of a Hollywood trailer released Daily MailIt uses Boris Johnson as a columnist. “What I discovered was a conspiracy to impeach Boris Johnson. It was painstakingly hatched years ago by this small group known as the Movement.”Boris Johnson’s former culture minister Nadine Dorries says.

In her 350-page book, Nadine Dorries details the scandals of Boris Johnson’s former right-hand man, Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings, and his arch-nemesis Michael Gove, a government heavyweight and lifelong rival.

“Dark Character” and Dr. No

Ducky Smith is a relatively unknown and conservative political consultant. “He is an ambiguous characterNadine Dorries explains. A terrible reputation and a less than stellar past.” And Even better, Nadine is a man who can’t tell Doris’ name and who she calls Dr. No. She paints a frightening portrait of him: “Criminal acts have landed him in prison. Very cruel to those who meet his gaze.”

For this investigation, the former minister increased the number of interviews with sulphurous or fearful informants, hence the nickname “Bambi”, “Skyfall” or “Moneypenny”. At the end of one story Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister, appears like a puppet. Somewhere between a spy novel and Harry Potter, Nadine Dorries’ trial struggles to convince and explain the downfall of Boris Johnson, forgetting his many mistakes and lies.

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