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Is Prince Harry Worse Since His UK Visit?  Meghan Markle breaks the silence

Is Prince Harry Worse Since His UK Visit? Meghan Markle breaks the silence

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Betrayed by his own father and at the center of a heated controversy involving his foundation, Prince Harry is shaken. For the first time, Meghan Markle spoke openly and wanted to clear things up.


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The Sussexes have not been talked about since officially leaving the royal family in 2020. Between interviews given here and there, their Netflix series reveals everything about their life and book change When Harry's heartwarming stories are told, the Duke and Duchess are at the center of the message. Their recent trip to Nigeria was closely followed by the press around the world.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the center of a controversy

Harry discreetly joined Meghan Markle in London after her visit to the United Kingdom, where she missed out on meeting King Charles III and Prince William. Together they flew to Nigeria. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Invictus to promote sports and discuss mental health.

But a controversy came to light during their journey. The Archiwell Foundation was founded by Meghan and Harry in 2020 Classified as “wrong” By the Attorney General of California. This is due to non-payment. In fact, there will be no foundation “Required annual reports and/or renewal fees not submitted”. According to a source, the check in question was lost and a new one was sent to resolve the issue. Between the disgrace of King Charles III and the controversy over the Archiwell Foundation, one would think that the couple have hit it big and are struggling to recover from all this turmoil.

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The Duchess of Sussex assures all is well

But this is not the case! During a new interview with People, Meghan Markle assured that everything is fine with her and Harry. “We are doing well. And we enjoy watching our family grow and evolve. Of course, I am happy. We are really happy.”. According to her, this visit of few days to Nigeria “Truly remarkable”. Thus confirming that these journeys to the ends of the earth “It allowed us to step away and focus on the things that matter most to us”. For his part, Harry is more than happy: “You know what Africa has meant to me over the years. It's a very special place and I'm very happy to be able to add Nigeria now..

Prince Harry moved in with Meghan

Prince William's brother appeared in full swing in Nigeria, spreading smiles. “At one point he was photographed holding his arms around his head while he was having fun and really letting go. It was all real Harry. He really looked in his element.”, Darren Stanton, body language expert. Actually, Meghan Markle has a lot to do with it. “Having Meghan by his side makes him happy Because it brings out a good side in him. She puts him at ease and makes him feel more confident than ever. Although Harry is used to attending meetings alone, he looks more relaxed when joined by Meghan..