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France topped the global rankings for gender equality in large companies, with Australia dominating the top 100

According to the 6th global study conducted by Equileap, France will be at the top in terms of gender equality in large companies in 2022, ahead of Spain and Italy. Go”.

But despite this top-ranking average, France “still has a long way to go,” says Equileap: no French company is in the top 10, with L’OrĂ©al and Sodexo ranking 11th and 12th respectively, Electric ahead of Schneider. (30th)

The data provider Equileap (conducted in 2022, as of December 19), includes 3,787 companies with a capitalization of more than 2 billion dollars and screens them on 19 criteria (proportion of women at all levels, wage gaps, parental leave policies, etc. .).

As a result, the “Top 100” of the most virtuous companies and the ranking of the best countries in terms of gender equality indicate each average score on the performance scale as a percentage.

In this top 100, Australian company Mirvak took the top spot for the second year in a row. Australian companies also dominate this top 100, with 22 companies represented, against 14 French companies.

On average, “markets with the best performance in terms of gender equality (within large companies, editor’s note) are France (55%), Spain (54%) and Italy (53%) along with Norway (53%). They are followed by the United Kingdom (52%) and Australia (50%)”, the report points out, while on the other hand “the US, Japan and Hong Kong have the lowest average scores”.

Questioned? Equileap analyzes that “companies in countries with strong laws on gender equality achieve better results”, noting that “in France, there are mandatory quotas for women’s representation on the board of directors. Management (40%, Kopp-Zimmermann law since 2011) and the executive board” (March) 1, 2026 to 30%, March 1, 2029 to 40% by end of 2021 Rixane Act).

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In detail, “France has once again reached the highest percentage of women on the boards of directors of companies” (46% on average), the study underlines, although “the percentage of female CEOs in France” (8) is decreasing. %) as against 9% the previous year as well as a lower “proportion of women in working groups (25%)”.

“Only 10 companies” out of 119 French companies “had three general managers in the CAC40 (including Catherine MacGregor, Christel Heidemann in Orange and Estelle Braklianoff in Veolia), while 15 companies had a female finance director (compared to 17 in 2021)”, the study details.