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A doctor reveals 3 common behaviors that you should avoid if you care about your health

A doctor reveals 3 common behaviors that you should avoid if you care about your health

An American doctor recently went viral on TikTok thanks to a video watched by 1.3 million Internet users, in which she recounts several daily procedures that she would never do given her medical experience.

Dr. Nicole Van Groeningen graduated from UCLA and works as a general practitioner in Los Angeles. According to her, some widespread lifestyle habits are simply dangerous or harmful to your health.

Here are three things you shouldn’t do if you value your health:

Get up early to train

Many people wake up early to go for a jog in the morning before going to work. However, this habit is not as healthy as it seems, according to Dr. van Groeningen.

“Don’t let any influencer convince you that it’s a good idea to cut down on your sleep to go to the gym and improve your fitness. Sleep is the first healthy life habit,” she stresses.

Motor cycles

After spending time in surgery during her studies, Dr Nicole van Groeningen says she will never be caught riding a motorbike

“There are so many safety features in cars these days: the cabin, the windows, the doors. Why give up all that?” she declares.

The latter also believes that wearing a helmet is crucial when riding a bike.

“There are certain screams from family members that I will never forget and I will never ride a bike without a helmet,” says the doctor.

Prefer the “natural approach” everywhere

Dr. van Groeningen also believes that some people go too far in their desire to adopt a “natural” lifestyle.

This highlights the importance of wearing sunscreen as well as the benefits of vaccines, antibiotics and other medical advances that ended an era in which many people died because they were not treated like humans are today.

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