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Return to Moria: Polishing the game is like polishing armor in the forge

Return to Moria: Polishing the game is like polishing armor in the forge

A little newcomer in the field of survival games, Return to Moria And perhaps it could have benefited from what several other games before it had benefited from, period Beta Open, just to polish some corners that could shine more.

Inspired by the world Lord of the rings By JRR Tolkien, Return to Moria Set in the Fourth Age, after the defeat of Sauron, the game immerses players in an adventure to reclaim the dangerous mines of Moria as Gimli, son of Gloin.

Like other survival games, the rest is pretty simple: you’ll have to mine for more and better materials so you can mine, collect better materials, and so on to reach the end of the story.

Unlike other survival games, Return to Moria It constantly pushes us to build lots of small bases throughout our journey, a choice that reflects the quest for exploration that underpins the game’s story and which gives a different rhythm to a genre that generally revolves around large centers towards where everything ends up coming together.

The game takes place in a very well reproduced environment. The Mine of Moria is faithful to the grandiose description given by Gimli in the films, which can be seen in the series Power rings From Amazon.

Many small functions add charm to the game, whether it is dwarves who can sing together when they are mining, or who eat together with beer… We also have the opportunity to explore Moria and even recreate the path of the Society of the Ring, if desired, which includes several Hours of exploration.

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On the other hand, as mentioned above, I find it difficult to say that this game is ready for launch.

the Bugs It’s still there, especially in terms of loading biomes; It also appears that the settings regarding enemy presence, throughout the mine, have not been quality controlled (enemies appear very quickly after being hit, or not at all).

In addition to bugs, inventory management and containers such as boxes and production machines could benefit from improvements and polishing to make everything smoother and easier to manage.

I’ve read elsewhere that some people criticize the combat, but in my opinion it’s relatively normal as far as survival games go; We stay at the base.

finally, Return to Moriait’s great group fun, and it’s a cheaper game than many Triple-A games, which is probably a reason to download the Epic platform (the game is unfortunately available exclusively on that platform, if you’re playing on PC).

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Developer: Free range games

editor: North Beach Games

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5 (tested on Windows/Epic Games)