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Financial assistance to establish a rain garden

Financial assistance to establish a rain garden

environment. The Yamaska ​​Watershed Organization (OBV) rain garden support program is coming to an end. 2024 is the last year in which the citizens of Farnham and four other municipalities can benefit from financial assistance to create such an outdoor development.

This support program is part of the project Rainwater in -r-evolution.


Financial support can cover up to 50% of the costs of establishing a rain garden, including labor and purchase of plants, up to a maximum of $1,000.

Support is also provided from OBV-Yamaska ​​for land evaluation and development planning, as well as a report calculating the area of ​​the garden, the materials required as well as the substrate.


In order for residential or commercial building owners to be eligible for support, they must not have already received financial assistance from the municipality in relation to this project.

A Yamaska ​​OBV technician should also evaluate the project.

At least half of the plants planted in a rain garden should be native.


A rain garden is used, among other things, to infiltrate rainwater into the ground to prevent it from reaching various waterways.

A specific mixture of soil and plants is used for this type of development.

A rain garden can absorb up to 85% of the water that runs off the roof through the gutter.

More information on the City of Farnham website.

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