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A big dose of love for the cowboys in the National Assembly and a touching message from the Prime Minister to Carl Tremblay

The Cowboys Fringants were honored in the National Assembly on Monday night with a heavy dose of love and admiration from politicians, and their vocalist Carl Tremblay who is battling prostate cancer received a touching message from the Prime Minister.

“I want to tell you that Marie-Annek, your children and your friends are not only with you. All your admirers in Quebec say to you: ‘Fight!’ We are with you,” François Legault told him to applause from the guests and dignitaries gathered in the Red Room of Parliament.

Accompanied by historian Micheline Dumont, four-time Olympic medalist Marie-Philippe Poulin and former Expos pitcher Claude Raymond, the two-million-album-selling Quebec group in the Francophonie was awarded the National Assembly’s Medal of Honor.

After the ceremony, Carl Tremblay told register that he feels happy and that he’s ready for several concerts on the Cowboys schedule by the end of 2023. “I’m here, I’ve got shows this summer. I can’t leave, I’m booked through 2000—I don’t know—how much,” stated the person who said he feels With the support of the people of Quebec.

“I see him every day, at the grocery store, at the gas station, anywhere I see the little one. They’re happy to see me and they say, ‘Don’t leave Carl.'”

“Dance and think”

In addition to touching the hearts of thousands and thousands of fans for more than a quarter of a century, Marie-Annick Lépine, Carl Tremblay, Jean-François Pauz and Jérôme Dubras have been asked not to underestimate the influence they have had on many selectees. Officials.

“You made us dance and think,” praised Prime Minister François Legault, for whom the Quartet holds a special place in the heart of the nation.

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“Let’s take [la chanson] at half mast. There is a mixture of conscientiousness from Quebec, but also a healthy indignation against the commodification of what matters in society, against a form of corruption of the authorities”, stated the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon.


Appreciating the honor bestowed on them, the Cowboys appreciated the admiring testimonials from the politicians.

“They are human beings,” said Marie-Annick Lépine during a newspaper interview register, after the ceremony. They can like our songs, regardless of their political affiliation.”

“I imagine if you get into politics, you want to make things better. This song [En berne] was embarrassed. If people use it as a driver to further their political vision, whatever it may be, it only makes sense,” added Carl Tremblay.

He told me Cowboys Fringants too

Jean Francois Boz

“It is a great honor. We have been marching all over the Francophonie for years. We do not see ourselves as ambassadors, but we know that we are spreading a certain Quebec culture everywhere. And for our nation so dear to us to be rewarded with this honor, we have flattered ourselves.”

Jerome Dubras

“In our rehearsal room, we’re in between, but when we’re on stage we see hundreds of people who have been coming to our concerts for over 25 years, so we know we’re part of so many people’s stories.”

Marie Annick Lepine

“After 27 years, you know at some point you touched people. They tell us. We’re like their friends. We’re an extended family, the audience feels part of it. Yes, we touched our nation, but not today. We wouldn’t have said that five years ago.” opposites And America is cryingSomething that welds together our careers in relation to other artists and also to our audience. We consider the Cowboys, finally, to move on and still have their place and for many more years, we hope they do. Yes, currently, I feel like we have a connection. We’ve received many awards, especially over the past three years, and I think that tells us how much we’re appreciated. »

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