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Yannick Nézet-Séguin interrupts a concert in Philadelphia because of a cell phone’s ring tones

Yannick Nézet-Séguin interrupts a concert in Philadelphia because of a cell phone’s ring tones

On Saturday, during a concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra, conductor Yannick Nizet forced Seguin to intervene after cell phone ringtones.

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“Is it possible to live without a phone for an hour?” Blast off to the spectators at the Verizon Ballroom, after stopping the orchestra’s instrumentalists in a full orchestral interpretation. Symphony nOh 9 by Anton Bruckner.

The phone rang during a quiet passage at the beginning of the third movement of this work, created by the Austrian composer in 1903.

This was a second interruption due to the ringing smartphone. The first occurred during the interpretation of this same work.

At the first bell, the conductor told the orchestra to stop playing for a few moments before continuing the interpretation.

Yannick Nzet Seguin explained to the audience, during his speech, that the people in the room paid to live an experience and that the phones could wait, he noted, in a text published on Sunday in the daily. Philadelphia Inquirer.

The concert dedicated to Bruckner’s works, which featured four soloists and the Philadelphia Symphony Choir, was able to continue thereafter without interruption.

  • Listen to Serge Denoncourt, the director, and his reaction to the intervention of Yannick Nizet-Séguin, in his interview on the Sophie Durocher program via QUB Radio :


In an interview with Philadelphia InquirerYannick Nzeit Seguin indicated that he stopped the party after the fourth ring of the phone.

I think this phenomenon is related to the arrival of a new audience that we appreciate seeing at our concerts. We try to welcome them by making them understand the power of being together in a moment of silence and total focus on the music.”

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The goal, he said, is to get the audience to have the best possible experience that is impossible to achieve with the distractions of everyday life, referring to cell phones.

Yannick Nézet-Séguin admitted that his tone when addressing the crowd was perhaps a little impatient.

“They are not to be blamed, but above all to educate the people who come to our concerts, even if I don’t like that word. I felt, after my intervention, that everyone was more focused and the applause after the concert testifies to that. And I think we can welcome new audiences With making them adopt the rituals of the ceremony,” he said.

In April 2022, a Quebec chef had to interrupt a concert he was leading with the Rotterdam Philharmonic because of a ringing mobile phone.

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