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A 15-metre-long “monster” has been spotted in a lake in China

A 15-metre-long “monster” has been spotted in a lake in China

A tourist in China photographed what she believes is a 15-metre-tall silver ‘monster’.

In his video, a mysterious marine animal appears breaking the surface of a small lake in China. Furthermore, many believe that the loch is home to a mysterious creature: the Loch Ness Monster.

The woman, from Shanghai, Ms Li, claimed she spotted the monster while visiting Tianxi Lake in northwest China’s Xinjiang region on August 31.

She told me that she was walking by the lake at about 4 pm when she heard the sound of a fish splashing water.

She looked away and saw a giant creature in the lake, about 200 meters away from her.

Lee’s video shows the surface of an alpine lake disturbed by something swimming below and causing waves and ripples.

“At first I thought there might be several fish, but upon closer inspection there was only one silvery creature,” the tourist says.

The woman added that the unknown aquatic creature was moving steadily and swimming quickly.

After the tourist’s findings, district staff said that due to the unclear video quality and the lack of an accurate description, they were unable to determine which animal it was.

However, the staff added that similar sightings had been reported by other tourists in the past, but it was impossible to identify the species due to the distance.

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