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A woman finds a $6,200 wedding dress at a thrift store and buys it for $25

A woman finds a $6,200 wedding dress at a thrift store and buys it for $25

A young woman from Alabama won the lottery when she found a wedding dress designed by a luxury brand in her neighborhood thrift store.

Emmalee Oosterhoudt, 21, was searching for picture frames when she found the deal of a lifetime: a $6,200 Galia Lahav dress on sale for $25.

“I found my wedding dress for $25!” » She announced this while wearing the white dress in a video clip that went viral on TikTok.

“It fits me like a glove,” the nursing student exclaimed. It’s a great. »

While doing her research, the young woman realized that the dress, designed by Israeli luxury brand Galia Lahav, sold for more than $6,000 and was nearly impossible to find in Alabama.

Image taken from TikTok

She explained: “Paris Hilton’s wedding dress was designed by this brand,” explaining all the details of the dress. Beyoncé also dealt with them. »

Many netizens shared their surprise.

“Twenty-five dollars?!?!?!?!?!?!” » shouted one TikTok user.

“You got me when you said you paid $25 for a designer dress. A savings of $6,175. It looks good on you — like it was made for you,” one user commented.

The story sparked such great reactions that it even reached the ears of Galia Lahav. The brand announced its desire to donate several dresses to a charity in order to allow others to find the treasures.

Other similar stories have caused reactions online in recent weeks.

A bride shared on TikTok last June that she managed to get her hands on a $3,000 dress at a thrift store and paid $20 for it.

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Earlier this month, a Houston resident paid $129 for a pink four-seater sofa, even though the piece was priced at $4,000.

According to information received from New York Post And based on the people.