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Zarco “wanted to slap a few people” during Marseillaise crash in Australia

Zarco “wanted to slap a few people” during Marseillaise crash in Australia

Johan Sarko won the first MotoGP Grand Prix of his career on Saturday in Australia. But the 33-year-old Frenchman lost the Marseilles on a stage at the Phillip Island circuit. Enough to piss him off, as he said the day after the race in the Bartoli time at RMC.

A partially desolated celebration. After 120 races in MotoGP, Johan Sarko took the first victory of his career on Saturday during the Australian Grand Prix. But the 33-year-old Frenchman could not enjoy his historic victory when he heard the Marseillaise sound. The French anthem was televised but not staged at the Phillip Island circuit near Melbourne. Enough to infuriate the Ducati rider, who had to develop a Cappella Marseillaise with the help of a section of the public. Without connecting to broadcast on TV…

“I really wanted to slap some people, that’s for sure,” admitted the day after the race in Bartoli Time at RMC. , we didn’t even have the winner’s anthem, it hurt me, on television, they didn’t understand, because in the broadcasts, people had the Marseillaise, but we didn’t hear it in the circuit, that’s why we sang it. Time has passed. We joined the French people at the bottom of the stage and started singing it a cappella. It created a huge gap.

There is no official explanation

After this hiccup, there was no explanation from the organizers of the Cannes native. Some mention a problem with the speakers, while others say they work perfectly. It’s hard to know why things didn’t go as planned in South Australia. “I don’t know. Everyone can kick, Sarko breathes. It was a shame, especially since having an anthem is a ritual. There, incidentally, is ‘JoJo’, who fights for your own. Victory, without the anthem. There it is completely digested. But now we think it’s not believable. We want to say!

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Despite the incident, Johan Zarco, who will drive for LCR (Honda’s satellite team) next season, is still enjoying his best performance on the track: “It’s good because it’s really good in the races I’ve tried to win. MotoGP. There, I was focused on achieving a good podium and when I had the chance to win, I was ready to test my luck and I felt a great relief. I was not at home, I was not at home to feel the national level that the French won. Maybe the highest level of motorcycling. , but on the other side of the world, in Australia, it allows me to fully appreciate it and have a sense of relief. I’m happy in that moment.”

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