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Burning is spreading in America

Burning is spreading in America

Almost all employees (89%) reported high levels of fatigue and had also experienced other mental health problems in the past year, including anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Notably, the workforce has declined from 58% in 2021 to 48%.

A third (33%) of employees say increasing time off is the number one way their employer combats burnout, followed by the ability to work from home (27%), self-care programs (17%), and mental health care (10%). ), employee assistance programs (8%), family support services (3%), telehealth visits (1%) and wearable technology to help monitor health (1%).

“Survey results on mental health and well-being at work are alarming and continue to present challenges, but employers can address these challenges and turn them into opportunities,” said Jerry Hawthorne, senior vice president and director of human resources. Aflac, via press release. “Providing benefits that include mental health tools and resources, work-life balance benefits, flexible work schedules, etc., can contribute to employee satisfaction, retention and recruitment.”

This text was originally published by Benefits Canada.

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