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Yes!  Catherine Tate will get her reward

Yes! Catherine Tate will get her reward

At worst, her bonus would be reduced by a few percentage points, but the CBC/Radio-Canada CEO would get it like all other members of management.

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This is because the bonus – or bonus depending on the name given to this “bonus” – has been part of the usual remuneration for executives for several years, whether they are at a highly competitive private company or at an uncompetitive government company such as SAQ and Hydro-Quebec. The latter has a more enviable position than Radio-Canada, which is still subject to a certain amount of competition.

In principle, the amount of remuneration for Radio-Canada's executives is determined by their immediate superiors, but remuneration for senior management is determined by the CEO. In this regard, it evaluates its performance itself and presents it to the members of the Board of Directors, who approve or reduce the remuneration that it believes it deserves. Since bonuses exist, the amount the CEO values ​​him always goes through a letter in the mail.

maybe yes maybe no!

Tuesday of this week ADI Tate appeared in Ottawa before the Heritage Commission. As expected, she was questioned on the issue of bonuses, knowing that last December she announced the reduction of 600 jobs, in addition to 200 already vacant positions that will remain vacant. The CEO declined to tell the committee whether bonuses would be awarded or not, and whether the targets set at the beginning of the year had been achieved. She added to the information that “all options are on the table,” including “freezing” bonuses, without explaining what that means.

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MI Tailoring clumsy or ill-timed comments, Tate also declared that “ultimately, it is not the board that will decide his remuneration, but the government.” She specified that her remuneration “depends on many people, including those who work in the Prime Minister's Office as well as deputy ministers.”

Government independence

If this is what M saidI Tate, as reported by journalist Mary Wolfe Globe and MailThey are the only ones who will justify not renewing his term for five years. If the Governor in Council (practically: Cabinet or Prime Minister's Office) appoints the CEO of Radio-Canada as well as the President and members of the Council, the government, whatever it may be, has always been jealous and non-interfering in its management or programming.

Only by cutting its funding or making sweeping statements like Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien have governments or political parties been able to make their dissatisfaction with the public broadcaster known, knowing that it will not change much.

Catherine Tate can sleep soundly. Even if his inappropriate statement merited a reduction in his bonus, the chances of doing so are almost non-existent. Especially since Marco Dube, one of countless CBC/Radio-Canada vice-presidents, pointed out that the bonuses are based on seven criteria, including digital and radio performance, two areas in which Catherine Tait is particularly proud — and not without reason. .

In January 2025, MI Tait will be able to return to live in peace in New York after taking advantage of her bonus for 2024 and the partial bonus she will undoubtedly receive for her work from April to next January!

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