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How to bypass playback restrictions?

How to bypass playback restrictions?

The social network has put in place a temporary limit to limit the number of tweets that can be read per day. However, there is a workaround to overcome the problem.

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may have noticed over the course of the weekend that the platform has been difficult to use. All around, users have seen the message “Rate limit exceeded” appear in their timeline. For the majority of social networking users, it was impossible to load tweets into their timeline. And for good reason, Elon Musk has already implemented new restrictions on Twitter. Verified accounts, they are, users who signed up for Twitter Blue, had thus limited access to reading 6,000 tweets per day. A much lower limit was allowed for unverified accounts as they found themselves able to read a maximum of 600 tweets per day, while new unverified accounts were restricted to 300 read-only tweets.

To justify these restrictions declared as temporary, the Twitter owner explained that the platform suffered from heavy traffic and arbitrary data recovery. Behind these explanations, Musk accuses startups working on AI tools of sucking data from the social network to train their AI systems.

Is Elon Musk telling the truth or trying to trick platform users into signing up for Twitter Blue? Pending a possible return to normal, concerned users have sought workarounds to try and get around these limitations. And some of them appear to be functional, at least for now.

How to bypass Twitter restrictions on PC?

On a Windows computer or on macOS, there is a very simple solution to bypass the restrictions currently imposed on Twitter. Old Twitter layout, a browser extension released in 2022, has suddenly appeared on the web. its developer, DamdenHe updated it and noted on Twitter that it allowed Elon Musk’s announced restrictions to be bypassed. The extension, which is both open source and free, is available Google Chrome This is on Fire Fox or Microsoft Edge.

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But other than the fact that the extension ignores the existing restrictions, above all it makes it possible to overcome a large number of restrictions on the social network. Because in addition to pushing you into the Twitter 2015 interface, it will allow you to access most of Twitter’s features. You can also choose timeline or algorithmic rendering, remove all Twitter tracking and analytics tools, remove ads, easily download shared videos and GIFs, and much more.

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How to bypass Twitter restrictions on iOS or Android?

On iOS and Android, when the native Twitter app finds itself restricted, the social network’s web app seems to escape it, at least momentarily. If you can no longer see new tweets in the official app, you can therefore resort to the Webapp whose interface is almost identical.

To install the WebApp on your iPhone, log into your Twitter account from Safari. Click on Share button It is represented by a box from which an arrow appears, which is located in the middle of the bottom part of the navigation bar, then select the option on the main screen. Then press the button Add To validate that the web application has been installed.


The new Twitter icon, short for Twitter Web, should appear on your iPhone’s home screen. You can then use the platform as if it were the original app, avoiding, at least for a while, the restrictions imposed.

If you have an Android smartphone, the handling couldn’t be more complicated. Opens Google Chrome To login to your Twitter account. Then press main menu From Chrome represented by three small dots displayed at the top right of the screen, then chooseInstalling the application. Then press install To check if the web app is installed on your smartphone.

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As on iOS, a new Twitter shortcut should be placed on your home screen, allowing you to access and use the WebApp almost as comfortably as the original app, bypassing the restrictions imposed temporarily.