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Xbox Game Pass Family Appears in the US Store, Will Wider Publication Come?  |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass Family Appears in the US Store, Will Wider Publication Come? | Xbox One

Yesterday we were talking to you for the advent of the Xbox Game Pass family It’s all recently spotted on the Xbox app for PC. After an initial announcement made last summer, Xbox’s new friends and family formula for its on-demand gaming service is fast approaching, as today’s latest revelations show.

A larger posting that comes with the dedicated page appearing on the US store?

In fact, the Redmond company has published the first concrete items related to its new Friends & Family subscription. It is possible to find Full description of the service On the French website and even the dedicated page On the US Xbox Store (for a one-month subscription) without being able to purchase it.

At the moment there are only two countries in the world that have access to this subscription at the moment and they are Ireland and Colombia. We’ll have to watch as this new service continues to roll out across the world in the coming weeks. As a reminder, five people will be allowed to take advantage of all the benefits of the final version of the Microsoft game catalog for 22 euros per month.

With Xbox Developer Direct conference Due on January 25th, we may have new information regarding Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family by then.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is a Game Pass plan that allows up to five friends and family members to share the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate. With the Friends & Family plan, all five members enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, with unique access to all Xbox Game Pass games Ultimate, content and benefits, no matter what device they play on. Everyone you invite can play at the same time – you can even play together in the same game. Plus, you can invite friends and family members outside of your household.”