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Apple has been reported (wait for it) working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro

Apple has been reported (wait for it) working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple is working on OLED MacBook Pros…with a touchscreen. It would be a first for the group and a dramatic change in approach enough to cause a lot of ink to flow in perspective.

It’s hard to imagine now…but the MacBook Pro could someday benefit from a touch screen // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Awful in practiceIt’s what inspired Steve Jobs with the idea of ​​a touchscreen Mac, however it may be by 2025 an Apple He changes his tune on this issue. According to the well-informed Mark Gurman, the Apple brand is already going to add an OLED touch screen in the future macbook pro expected within two years.

In detail, the journalist from bloomberg It shows us that Apple engineers are currently “actively” working on this project, which is enough to indicate that the company is seriously considering it. Introducing the MacBook Pro with an OLED display would be a first for Apple, but also a real change for the brand, which has always preferred to promote its iPad to users who want a touch experience.

Until now, Apple always feared that such a change to Macs would lead to lower sales of the iPad and, in particular, to a decrease in the attractiveness of the Air and Pro models.

Steve Jobs wouldn’t agree

Faced with the increasingly common installation of touch screens on competing laptops, Apple will change its stance. A change that can only come after an overhaul of macOS, which currently seems completely unsuitable for touchscreen use (especially with regard to the Finder). Obviously, launching a touchscreen Mac would be a big project for Apple, both in terms of hardware and software.

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This project, if it is actually implemented, will contradict Steve Jobs’ position in this area. Deceased in 2011, the co-founder and former leader of Apple has always been adamantly opposed to adding a touch screen to the Mac, arguing that it “does not work.”You don’t want the touch surfaces to be vertical. After a long period of use, your arm will want to fall to the ground”, he confirmed in 2010. The position that Tim Cook has adopted, and has maintained for the time being … but perhaps not for very long if we are to believe Mark Gourman.

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