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Without a car and with two children  “Yes, it happens,” says Valerie Plante.

Without a car and with two children “Yes, it happens,” says Valerie Plante.

“Yes, it is possible” to live without a personal car with two children in Montreal, Valérie Plante said Monday, announcing the expansion of the car-sharing service Communauto.

MI Plante herself revealed that she lived this way before she became mayor and got a company car.

“Yes, it is possible, it is possible to have two young children without owning a car, but you have to have options,” she said, stressing that her home is located in a central area, close to two metro lines and car-sharing stations. . “We were able to raise our two children: going to the square, going grocery shopping and all that. » MI Plante has been a Communauto user for over 25 years.

The idea is not to say: y'all, do like me, because when you're in Lachine, or Rivière-des-Prairies, or any other out-of-the-way neighborhood, public transportation options are very limited. You must have options.

Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

The city's mayor announced at a press conference a major expansion of Communauto service in Montreal, where an additional 1,100 cars are supposed to be on the road by the end of the year.

“Comunoto is a leading partner in reducing the number of cars on our roads, considering that each self-service car replaces between 7 and 11 vehicles,” the city mayor said. We are very proud to offer Montrealers additional, fast and efficient transportation options. »

Benoit Robert, president of Communauto, described his company's rapid growth in recent years. Nearly 14 per cent of Montreal households used car-sharing services last year for a total distance of 95 million kilometres, or approximately 2,400 times around the Earth.

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Mr Robert also announced that Communauto users will now be able to drop off or borrow self-service cars in Lachine, in selected areas. This is the seventeenthH Capital area to benefit from the service.