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Within six months, the recruiter-oriented company had found its cruising speed on Clamecy

It took (very) many months for the case to crystallize. Between Covid and the various checks necessary so that the Company for Employment Purposes (EBE) of Vaux d’Yonne can finally live normally.

Six months after its release on Floaters, Hulk has grown. As officials had hoped. “You never know, but here it is clear. It is not superfluous to specify or re-define that we do all this for a social purpose. Our credo is the following: no discrimination,” recalls Fabrice Daval, director.

No discrimination

For the manager and his team, there is no problem at this level. “Some workers are old and physically, for others morally and mentally degraded. But they, somewhere, wished one day that they would find their way back to work. Who have a project, and are ready to participate in it fully.”

Two important activities are pushing forward the employment-oriented business, namely the carpentry, which has moved to the city’s technical buildings (Fabrice Daval adds) and the delicate cultures close to the multi-purpose hall.

“In both cases, the workers took off quickly. They quickly found their place and became very capable,” the manager continues. “I take the example of carpentry.”

Currently, we are working on the realization of small wooden objects intended for the promotion of the Medieval Festival, which will take place in the city in July.

The famous micro-culture site has been abandoned for a long time. “We brought it back to life,” says Fabrice Daval. “What is also tangible is that local merchants and artisans are playing the game. They take our products from us. This proves that they understand the EBE profession.”

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beloved In Clamcy, the first thirteen permanent contracts are signed in the recruitment-oriented company of Vaux d’Yonne

Because of all this, the company still wants to push the walls. “We have a vegetable project that we will implement quickly,” he admits. “Obviously we are going to need an additional workforce. We know that in this region, there are a lot of people who are cut off from the world of recruitment or because some employers no longer want them. We are there for these people, so that they can find a decent career. We’re, at the same time, in a communal and social approach. And we’re only at the beginning of the adventure, and that’s the interesting thing.”

elsewhere in the section. In Niver, thanks to the support of Pays Nivernais Morvan who has been following the implementation of the EBE of Vaux d’Yonne since the beginning, several areas have already been covered by the trial: Prémery, Lormes, Luzy and Moulins -Ingilbert. Not forgetting Farzi.

Pierre Briard