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Travel in space with the immersive Infinity experience

Travel in space with the immersive Infinity experience

endlessIt’s a one-hour trip that includes a walk of about thirty minutes. In an area of ​​12,500 square feet, the public will have the opportunity to walk, with a helmet on their head, as if in space, with their feet set on the International Space Station.

Working in cooperation with NASA

Since 2016, Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël have been working on endless (in association with Studio PHI and TIME Studios). That year the authors began collaborating with NASA with the goal of Documenting space exploration in virtual realityFélix Lagounis, co-founder of Studios Félix et Paul, told Claudia Heber, the show’s cultural columnist. all morning.

After this stage that took place on Earth, virtual reality cameras (360° and 3D) were sent to the International Space Station in 2019. In two and a half years, a total of 250 hours of content was captured, in collaboration with ten astronauts from all over the world. scientist, including David St-Jacques. Moments of spontaneity mingled with trends and pre-set camera shots with NASA.

The astronauts were both photographers and subjects. […] In the project, you had to think of the camera as if it were the viewer. It’s like a new cinematic language. Therefore, in the exhibition, the audience is part of the conversation, even if they do not interact with the astronauts directly., confirmed Paul Raphael, another co-founder of Félix et Paul Studios.

Virtual reality camera, used to create “Infinity”

Photo: Photo provided by the Public Health Information Center

As if we were with astronauts

Felix Lagounis explained that each stage of the content talks about a different theme that is fundamental to the astronaut’s experience in space. We talk about adaptation to life in space, science and research on the space station. It is also a question of the influence of the astronaut community, and thus of the bonds that unite them as a small group living very far from Earth…

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If the public can see what’s inside the International Space Station in this immersive adventure, images of the outer universe will later be added, making this virtual flight an experience that will evolve.

People are walking in a dark environment and attending an exhibition.

3D map of the exhibition

Photo: Photo provided by the Public Health Information Center

Not just for science lovers

endless Not just for astronauts, space lovers and stars. Actress and director Marie Brassard, who worked on the event design and script, believes that everyone will experience the exhibition differently as they wander the Arsenal Contemporary Art Road.

We really wanted this experiment to allow us to think about the scientific side of things, but not only that. We wanted the audience to also be able to spark their curiosity on an artistic, human, artistic and poetic level. So we imagined this journey this way for people, from start to finish, as they navigate between virtual reality and reality., I argued.

world premiere in montreal, endless He will then go on a tour to land first in Houston, Texas.

With information from Claudia Heber, cultural columnist on the show all morning.