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Cancer: This site allows you to know at what age you should be screened

A new site being put online allows you to find out about the different types of cancer screenings recommended in just a few clicks, according to your profile.

The National Cancer Institute (INCa) created the site, Your screening tips, to facilitate access to cancer-related information. You just need to log in and indicate your gender and age. This allows you to get the cancer check-ups you need with clear explanations and advice.

Before getting to the conclusions, the site informs that the recommendations are only for people who don’t have a “particular risk” such as symptoms or family history. After this blocking, the list of offers is displayed.

It all depends on your gender and age. For example, if you are 45 years old, you are offered three examinations: screening for cervical cancer, breast examination every year and observation of moles in order to identify possible melanoma in time. For the 50-year-old man, it is recommended to have regular screenings for colorectal cancer as well as checking for moles.

To better inform you, you are offered four more sections: Be aware of the symptoms, benefits and limitations of screening, Specific risks and The 12 ways to reduce your risk of cancer. They will complete information about the tests you are offered and how to best prevent the onset of cancer.

INCa created this website to encourage the public to get the necessary checks. Diagnosing some types of cancer early, before symptoms appear, increases the chance that they will be cured. In some cases, screening can prevent the appearance of cancer, thanks to the identification and treatment of abnormalities that could develop into cancer.

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Established by the Public Health Act of August 9, 2004, the National Cancer Institute is responsible for coordinating scientific research and cancer control. It is supervised by the Ministries of Solidarity, Health, Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

The 2022 Cancer Panorama in France shows that 40% of diagnosed cancers can be prevented. They estimate the number of new cancer cases in France in 2018 at 382,000.