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Research and creativity at UQAC

Research and creativity at UQAC

range of activities

Come and experience the unique opportunity to meet UQAC researchers and students, as well as to visit research laboratories. Digital ecosystems, the environment and climate change, surrounding natural resources and materials, sustainable health… There will be something for everyone!

Among the array of activities on campus, take part in an introductory workshop on techniques for gathering information about the life history of fish. Discover the importance of studying otoliths, an internal structure of the fish ear that records valuable information. It would even be possible to learn how to extract from it!

Head to the International Laboratory of Ice Control Materials to learn more about icing in the lab. Learn more about the research on this thin layer of ice which, among other things, disrupts land, sea and air transportation in foggy weather.

Why not take the time to attend a robotics demonstration? Also, don’t forget to catch the bus for a guided tour of the campus!

On May 5th, at UQAC, the flag will be there! And you?

Elsewhere in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Whether in the forest, in the zoo, in the library or in a university research laboratory, many activities will spark your curiosity!

– Mary Helen Cauchon

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