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Let it be |  Trailer ringtones

Let it be | Trailer ringtones

Fifty-four years after its release in theaters, the film Let it be He gets transformed. For better and worse..

He wasn't the best producer in the Beatlesque catalog. It has a reputation as a depressing film, chronicling the final hours of an exhausted group. As for its “improved” version, which was launched by Peter Jackson three years ago (get back), it seemed more than enough.

Should we really be re-releasing the good old Let it be, released on screens in 1970? It has been discussed.

Officially, Michael Lindsay-Hogg's documentary has not been available since the early 1980s, and in fact, it has occasionally appeared on YouTube, in parts or in full. But the poor quality of picture and sound fueled its negative legend.

This new version, restored with the magic of the famous MAL-demix technology and shown on Wednesday on Disney+, rehabilitates it somewhat, and restores it to its long-awaited luster. The picture regained its colors. The sound is flawless. In this sense, his release was completely justified.