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Winter cycling: a practice that is gaining popularity

Winter cycling: a practice that is gaining popularity

The Winter Cycling Forum was held at UQAM's Cœur des Sciences on Saturday; Organizers want to persuade cyclists to practice this sport 12 months a year.

Demand is already there, while some enthusiasm has encouraged Montreal to make BIXI devices available in the winter for the first time.

This means that 190,000 Montrealers ride a bike at least once between December and March.

These numbers should also continue to increase, because in fact, the network serving winter cycling is better cleaned in Montreal, as well as in Gatineau and Longueuil, for example.

“It's crazy now to see lines at red lights on bike paths,” says Chloe Burrell, co-organiser of the Winter Cycling Forum.

“What I really like is that we know that at the beginning of a new practice, young people usually take it up, and then suddenly, if the infrastructure is good, and the activity is popular, we see women doing more then families; “But there, we actually see baby chairs, children, families “, she explains again.

According to data obtained by TVA Nouvelles, dating back to 2020-2021, about 13% of people decided to continue cycling during the winter; Numbers that may have already increased significantly, according to several winter cycling forum members.

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