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Pierre Carl Péladeau was going to sabotage the return of the Nordics

Pierre Carl Péladeau was going to sabotage the return of the Nordics

Vince Cauchon is known in Quebec journalistic circles as one of its most influential and respected voices.

His candor and the fact that he can be acerbic, without wanting to please others, make him an intimidating commentator, able to put his finger on the most sensitive truths.

Recently, Cauchon rocked Quebec territory, accusing Pierre-Carl Péladeau of being the main obstacle to the Nordiques' return to the NHL.

According to Cauchon, Pelado, a controversial businessman, was instrumental in sabotaging efforts to bring a hockey franchise back to Quebec.

Cauchon's accusation is based on several factors: Péladeau's tendency to pick fights with anyone who gets in his way, his commitment to the separatist movement in Quebec, and the fact that he is considered a positive leader.

For Cauchon, Belado's presence in the Nordiques' comeback project poses a major hurdle. His controversial temperament and constant confrontations with various political and economic actors tarnished the image of the project in the eyes of NHL decision-makers.

According to Cauchon, as long as Peladeau remains involved, the chances of seeing northerners return to Quebec will remain slim.

The accusation has drawn mixed reactions, but one person seems particularly pleased by Cauchon's audacity: Jeff Molson, owner of the Montreal Canadiens.

Usually criticized for his potential role in derailing the Nordiques' comeback, Molson is happy to see the attention turning to Belado. For once, he wasn't the one chosen as the villain in this story.

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Cauchon's statement opens a new chapter in the debate over the return of the Quebec Nordiques. While the people of Quebec are fervently hoping for the return of their beloved team, the political and personal obstacles associated with Pelado appear to stand in their way.

The accusation made by Cauchon against Belado is serious and direct. In the end, is Pelado the real enemy of the Northerners?

The question must be asked…