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The $340 million jackpot was rejected, and the matter went to court

The $340 million jackpot was rejected, and the matter went to court

A Washington, D.C., man has filed a lawsuit after being denied a Powerball jackpot after an error on the DC Lottery website.

John Cheeks had a big surprise when he checked the winning numbers for the January 7, 2023 web drawing: He won the $340 million jackpot.

“I was a little excited, but I didn't scream […] I simply called a friend. I took a photo as he recommended and that's it. “I went to sleep,” he told News 4 Washington.

However, a few days after the drawing, the winning numbers changed on the DC Lottery website. When he went to a store to validate his prize, Mr. Cheeks saw that his ticket was not a winning one.

The man then contacted a lawyer and filed a lawsuit to get the money he believed he had won.

For its part, DC Lottery defends itself by saying that it was contractor Taoti Enterprises that accidentally published the wrong numbers.

“Even if something goes wrong, the question becomes: What do you do about it? There is precedent for this, a similar case that happened in Iowa, where the contractor admitted the mistake and where [les gains ont été payés]», confirmed MI Richard Evans.

The parties involved in the lawsuit filed last November declined to comment because it is an ongoing legal matter.

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