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Christmas Alien |  Sunshine in a bottle

Christmas Alien | Sunshine in a bottle

Rum is hugely popular in the Indian Ocean islands, combining local flavors thanks to Quebec startup Arrange Toi. A festive and sunny drink to discover to bring a little warmth to the winter. Overview in three questions.

What is arranged ROM?

Image courtesy of ARRANGE TOI

The rum and ingredients should be left to steep for about a month.

“It is the process of mixing the ingredients with white rum, then leaving them to steep,” explains Florian Lecros, creator of Arrange Toi. After about a month of waiting, the result is an “explosion of flavors” that can be enjoyed over ice, in a cocktail or with soda. The Quebec entrepreneur offers five very original recipes including spices, herbs and dried fruits. All in very clear bottles, all you have to do is add rum (or another alcoholic beverage, if you wish).

How was Arrange Toi born?

Photo by Emily Dumais, courtesy of ARRANGE TOI

Florian Lecroix, from Arrange Toi

Florian Lecros fell in love with rum while on vacation on Reunion Island about ten years ago. “I fell in love with all these flavours,” sums up the French national who also works as a nursing teacher. Over the years, he has developed many recipes for tidy rum. He was “very satisfied” with them, and wanted to share his discoveries. Arrange Toi was born about a year ago. Since spring, Florian Lecro has been attending various markets in the Quebec region to taste his products. It is also at the Grand Marché de Québec until December 24.

What recipes are provided?

Image courtesy of ARRANGE TOI

Arrange Toi offers five recipes.

When we think of Reunion Island, we imagine exotic tastes. If Arrange Toi already offers blends that combine sunny scents, such as pineapple, vanilla and coconut, the selection also highlights local tastes and ingredients. Apple Crispy, Boreal Forest and Rougeurs du Québec (in which we find cranberries, strawberries and raspberries) are among the rums curated by Florian Lecroux. The products are available online and at select points of sale in the Quebec region.

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